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Southern Ocean Seaweed

You know the problem, lots of things one should document but potentially doesn’t because there’s not an easy way to do it. Lots of word documents, lots of web pages which have to be structured in someway by hand? Has to be a better way..

A thought inspired by Emma Tonkin in her Ariadne article Making the case for a Wiki made me wonder about a wiki in a slightly different light and that it, unlike any other tool I can currently think of, is maybe the easy, fast, shareable, structured editing tool I need for this type of documentation.

So based on Emma’s quick comparative table I downloaded TipiWiki2 (as my intranet is PHP based and its the simplest one listed with regard to features and installation). About 2 minutes to install, 10 minutes to configure what I wanted to change and learn enough to start editing. I will be trialling it over the next little while to see how it goes in this role..

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Online ramblings, both current and historic, by just another human bean