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Simple Lifetime Super Calculator

Is my super enough?


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Given I’ve spent a few years looking at superannuation and what’s required for ‘early retirement’ (e.g. anything under 60) I figured it might be useful to give ‘the short version’. The text summary of that is here.

I then thought that the obvious other thing to do which might be helpful is to construct a very simple spreeadsheet for editable, online, use. That way you can simply ‘plug in’ some basic numbers and see the results.

Using the spreadsheet below (or go to the spreadsheet over on Google Docs) you can fiddle around with yearly salaries by age brackets, Super Guarantee (SG) percentages, additional contribution percentages, investment earnings pecentage, and possible pension deeming percentage/rates.

It’s easy peasy to get to 600K+ by the time you are age 60 isn’t it!?
But (isn’t there always a but..) I haven’t called it ‘simple’ for nothing. It makes some big assumptions which often don’t match reality, e.g. :

  • your salary keeps making a nice upward trajectory as per spreadsheet
  • it makes no attempt to account for inflation
  • you are employed full time continuously (I’ve had a couple of career breaks, where I haven’t worked for 12+ months, hence no super deposits)
  • your super is accumulating in one fund (I’ve got three.. , if you have ‘old supers’ they usually have better terms than new ones, and it’s in your best interest to not coalesce them)
  • and a thousand other things I haven’t thought of :-P

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Online ramblings, both current and historic, by just another human bean