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Modern Cars

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Modern cars are pretty astonishing in how frugal they can be on fuel.

2016 Mercedes C200 (W205) Coupe : Oppo Find X2Pro, 48MP, f1.7

2016 Mercedes C200 (W205) Coupe

: Oppo Find X2Pro, 48MP, f1.7

The Mercedes C200 coupe at 4.7 metres long is no lightweight either at 1450 tare, probably running towards 1600kg on the kerb with driver and a tank of fuel. Despite that, it has a book spec for fuel of 7.2l/100km combined (nearly 40 mpg). My experience says realistically expect 7.5l-8.75l/100km on short mixed driving (so somewhere between 32 to 37.5 mpg). I’m guessing if you drive it ‘like a pig’ it’s going to return 30mpg or thereabouts (short drives in sports+ tend to push consumption to the 9’s l/100km).

So, with a 59 litre tank theres theoretically 819km in range (59/7.2 * 100)!

These engines are singe-stage turbo-charged, fuel injected, and can spin out to around 6000 rpm (stated specs of 184 horsepower is at 5500 rpm, whilst torque of 300nm is quoted through rpm range 1200-4000). Starting around 2011 most engine ranges were being refined to meet euro 5 & upcoming euro 6 emission standards. They are predominantly aluminium engines with 16 valves in DOHC arrangement which are electronically variable for intake and timing. Engines are manufactured at Mercedes Stuttgart

The C200’s are still assembled in Bremen

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Online ramblings, both current and historic, by just another human bean