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So whose crusade is this anyway?

⊰ 2022-06-28 by ShaunO ⊱

So this has turned into a fully fledged 'media shit storm', and like all such things is becoming pretty devoid of useful facts.

So this'll be my last words on the matter.

The single most important fact that can be stated here is that neither the ANU or NHMRC (who the press and other sources keep referring to as 'authoritative' on this matter) have done any substantial independent primary research on the topic. None whatsoever. They have 'cherry picked' overseas research to support the "barrow they're trying push".. (don't believe me, go and read their so called 'research' for yourself).

I'm not into conspiracy theories, but I am into the mantra of "follow the money" - and here I wouldn't mind betting you'll find big health, and big pharma money sloshing about in the background because revenue for them from patches, inhalers, gums etc. (much of it government funded/subsidised) is very very large indeed..

I'll also observe that Grace Tobin, the ABC's journalist who seems to be leading this little crusade, is an ex Channel 9, ex 60 minutes journo which, I'm afraid in my eyes, doesn't do much for her credibility.

Of course I'm biased (as a vaping ex 40 year smoker), but I'm not blinkered. I can see facts for what they are, and I can also see when facts and/or evidence are absent.

'nuff said..

As the Coalition feuded over vaping, 'personal' donations were made by the pro-vape lobby


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