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It's 'CentreFuck'ed

⊰ 2022-07-22 by ShaunO ⊱

It's idiotic but explicable..

A few years back I had a few months 'inside the system' when ill.. (and I tell you it is like being in another dimension.. where all logic and common sense seems to have been suspended)

It's explicable because it (the entire system) has nothing to do with people, or jobs..

Centrelink has one focus - to ensure they have a bit of paper from you covering every insane edge case that can ever be conceived of, so that they follow legislation to the letter, and their asses are covered..

'Job providers' (that's a misnomer I tell you) have one focus - to get paid. To do that you have to follow their bouncing ball, which ticks the boxes on their reports so that they can gouge the government for every person on their books every time they call you, send you a letter, et al. Then you show up in their office to give them a bit of paper lying to them about what jobs you've been looking for that neither they, nor the government, ever look at - but, and here's the important but, they get paid on those bits of paper because they've proved you're 'meeting your obligations'..

It's perverse - it's a commercial arrangement, with incentives entirely biased toward the government's sub-contractors getting paid. And if the slightest glitch in the system occurs they cut off recipients payments until said recipient goes to both Centerlink and 'job provider' (or back and forth between the two a few times) to explain to them "how their 'system' (another misnomer) has fucked it up.. again"

We are not humans apparently, we are zombified robot things, following 'bouncing balls' that some numbskull legislation drafter sitting in a comfy office in Canberra, on 150K per year, thought was a 'neat idea' one afternoon when they 'knocked that clause out'.. that was between their coffee break, trying to get another feel of his secretary's arse (it's invariably a he, it is parliament..), and knocking off for the day at 4:21pm..

I without pause, based on my experience, refer to it as 'CentreFuck'

Oh ok, bit too cynical? Yeah.. nah 😃 😛

buggered if I know 😛

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