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War is war and now it's always global

⊰ 2022-07-27 by ShaunO ⊱

Once again we see that war, despite notions to contrary, makes no allowances for morals, rules, or conventions. To even suggest otherwise is to deny history, including the current history in the making.

If you cripple an adversary's economy they will, if able, retaliate in kind. They'll also attack infrastructure, institutions, undertake media operations, etc. in every country which opposes them, whenever, and wherever, they are able.

So, in the modern world this means that war is globalised onto all societies whether or not they are direct belligerents in the 'shooting conflict'.

Not making maximum effort toward negotiated settlement, and 'talking up' idealistic rhetorical nonsense about "freedom, democracy, self-determination" etc. is to deny any practical path to peace. Ukraine, very much like Iraq and Afghanistan before it, has been a barely functioning country for the past 30 years (after the implosion of the USSR).

You can talk about 'democracy, freedom, and self-determination' all you like, and many politicians and 'arm chair analysts' do, but you will not find one war or conflict in the past two hundred years which delivered any 'democracy, freedom, or self-determination'. War and conflict on the other hand have reliably delivered death, misery, poverty, anarchy, hunger, civil war and plenty of money for the 'military industrial complex'..

buggered if I know 😛

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