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Qantas and new feudalism

⊰ 2022-07-30 by ShaunO ⊱

People it's been privatised, any 'patriotic devotion' is seriously misplaced - it's a greasy corporate just like any other: with over paid executives, dodgy finance, backroom government deals, its hand deeply in the 20/21 jobkeeper till, and a workforce under seige..

It's squandered the brand the tax-payers gifted it.

It really is time to do some cost-benefit analysis with the benefit of hindsight, and some, now, real historical data on the outcome of all these privatisations. Analysis which would show what actually happened, not what what government's of the day speculated would be the benefits (which we all know from experience never came about..).

Will anybody do this? Nope - because there would be so much egg, and on so many faces, and the government hardly needs any more evidence sloshing about in the media that they are morally and financially corrupt, and in the thrall, and pay (through party donations and being 'gifted' jobs after they leave parliament), of corporations and their lobbyists..

It's disgusting, we now essentially have feudal politics run by a cabal of societal and corporate moneyed elites.. We seem to have squandered the social democracy gains made between the 1920s-1950s by taking our eye off the ball..

The difference between this and any other 'over-lordship system' of the last few centuries? Not a lot in my opinion.

buggered if I know 😛

Dispirited Australia: after losing the trust of the nation, can the Qantas brand bounce back?


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