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In the beginning...

Roslyn Delaney was born in Sydney on the 31st of May 1949 at the Mater Misercordaie Hospital to her proud parents Walter and Helen Delaney.  This of course makes Ros a Gemini and the rest is basically self explanatory.....  She is the eldest of this Delaney generation and plenty of little brother stories exist about Owen I understand...

Growing up in McMahon's Point and Manly Vale Ros remembers when television first came out and the Delaneys had the first TV on the block, woohoo!   Mickey Mouse club and silly hats (maybe that's where it comes from *grin*) rings bells too.

The first on-stage performance was at 5 singing "True Love" from "High Society". This was a talent quest occasion at Manly which Ros, of course, won :-)


yros.jpg (46052 bytes)
Very Young, 1953
Pre-school Manly Vale


roshsa.jpg (22039 bytes)
1966; drink in her hand
already *grin*


Centres of learning

Ros attended Manly West for her primary education years.

The schooling got really serious at North Sydney Girls High School; well Ros got really serious anyway according to her school peers.

Ros was a school prefect at North Sydney Girls and Pam has some interesting tales on the 'prefect with an iron fist'...

Ros undertook her Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Asian Civilisations and History with sub majors in Japanese and Political Science) in the Faculty of Asian Studies at the Australian National University.  The said piece of paper was presented to her in 1971 (in the mail of course as Ros was winging her way to America by now....).


Partners in crime (still) ...
Pam and Ros, 1967?

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rosmh94.jpg (29239 bytes)
"The bird in the guilded cage dress"
Ros in full flight, Music Hall 1995


Treading the Boards....

"Treading the Boards", performing arts, acting, singing and generally being gorgeous on stage is something Ros has enjoyed doing all her life.  Beginning at about 5....    Im sure this has something to do with the silly hats too :-)

Some highlights include:

  • Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, Hyde Park, Sydney, 1964

  • Eliza Doolittle, My Fair Lady, 1979

  • Sally Bowles, Cabaret, 1989
  • "The Flipside of Ros Engledow",
    School of Arts Cafe, 1989
  • Ado Annie, Oklahoma, 1990

  • Sister Sarah Brown, Guys and Dolls, 1992

  • Rose of Spadgers Lane, The Sentimental Bloke, 1994

  • Old Time Musical Hall 1993, 1994, 1995

  • Old Time Musical Hall 25th Anniversary, 1999





Ros really in full flight....
Music Hall 1993


The US years

Ros and Owen flew from Sydney to Los Angeles on Christmas Eve 1970. The plan was to go round the world.

The trip ended up being 6 years with Ros as she says "degree qualified and hoofing drinks in San Diego bars".  Ros married Bob in 1972 and was the new Mrs Irvin.

Ros was "performing" whilst serving drinks in bars, having a lot of fun and trying not to get her butt pinched too much *hehe*

Ros did manage the 'go round the world' with her trip to Europe in 1974.

In 1976 Ros and Bob said ooroo and Ros returned to Australia in 1977.

ros71.jpg (229921 bytes)
San Diego, December 1971


rosmh95a.jpg (12776 bytes)
Music Hall, 1995


Return to Canberra

On Ros' return to Canberra in 1977 she began working at ANU in a number of projects associated with International and Adult Education.

Ros and John reunited and married in 1978, buying Millen Street in 1979.

Ros continued working at ANU until 1984 and then moved onto IDP working with International Students.

Ros and John parted in 1990. Ros remained at Millen St and Pam came to Canberra for work from Melbourne in 1990 and lived at Millen St; a number of interesting tales from these times exist - two girls living together and wearing bib overalls... well you know how people talk :)

In 1991 AVCC snapped Ros up for their Scholarships program.



1970 - San Diego, USA (resident till 1977)

1974 - England, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Holland "on a shoestring" as Ros puts it.

1987 - San Diego, USA

1989/90 - San Diego, USA

1992 - San Diego, USA

1994 - Washington (working at the Australian Education Office), Florida, Ireland (to visit Bridget and Gerard), Scotland (to visit John and Lorna), and Thailand (to visit Ellen and Steven).

1997 - Ireland; visiting Bridget and Gerard, touring the SE, and touring the SW coast and Northern Ireland with Peter and Shaun.


rospf.jpg (49544 bytes)
Ros with Peter, Shaun and Ruby,
Portaferry, Northern Ireland, 1997


Ros (1998)
Not sleepy?!?, 1999


Home Page

Contemporary Times

Ros is now Research Policy Director at AVCC.

Ros and Shaun met at AVCC in 1996 and it was lust at first sight *grin*.  Now into our 3rd year we can probably safely say we have had a lot of fun and intend to continue doing so.....

Trips to England are planned in the next couple of years; both for work and for play.

Ros is currently rehearsing for this years production of Old Time Music Hall (their 25th Anniversary) which will be a two week season in June.

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