Happy Birthday!

Some Birthday Facts

Birthday 31 May 1949 May 31

(from Electric Scotland!)

May 31st is the 151st day of the year

Star Sign Gemini I: (May 25 - June 2)
Symbol: The Twins
Central Image: Freedom
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Season: Late Spring
Characteristic: Masculine
Quality: Mutable.
Element: Air.
Metal: Mercury (Quick silver).
Gems: Agates and emeralds
Flowers: Azaleas, ferns, lavender
Trees: All nut bearing trees esp. hazel and walnut
Herbs: Lemon balm and arrowroot
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Gemini I's:

Marilyn Monroe
Clint Eastwood
Brooke Shields
Miles Davis
Gladys Knight
Moon Sign Leo
Quality: Fixed
Element: Fire
A Gemini with more emotion and passion. A creative streak.
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(Dan Millman)
Birth Number: 32/5
i.e. 3 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 9 = 32
and 3+2 = 5 so....
overall number is 32/5
5 (Main Theme): Discipline and Freedom
2: Cooperation & Balance
3: Expression and Sensitivity

Notable 32/5's:
Lauren Bacall
Irving Berlin
Helen Keller
Mick Jagger
Rudolf Nureyev

Chinese Year Year of the Ox
(29Jan49 -17Feb50)

Specific Year Element: Earth

Notable Oxen:
Van Gogh
Charlie Chaplin
Auguste Renoir
Peter Sellers

The Party

The grand gala audacious opening birthday celebrations party (here in further referred to as 'the party') will be held on the 29th of May 1999 at Shaun's place (why have a party at your own place if you can mess up someone else's *hehe*) beginning at 5:30 PM and ending when everyone has had enough of celebrating Ros' birthday with her.

Liquids.   Please feel free to BYO alcoholic poison although a goodly selection of champagne, red and white wine, and non-alcoholics (all those non-alcholics please raise a hand.... no takers?... *grin*) will be available.

Solids. Food will be a 'continuous buffet style affair' with an emphasis on delicious stuff (should be read - high calorie, salt, cholesterol, fat and other things which are really bad for you - only kidding). We will be aiming for a goodly variety of delicious food-stuffs so no ones taste buds are offended or miss out!

Tributes.   Ros would prefer it if you brought yourself to her birthday party as a birthday present (hmm interesting possibility for the theme... ).

Cerebral.   The following topics of discussion are strictly forbidden at the party; sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, politics, Canberra's weather, religion, the Kosovo conflict, the May federal budget, astrology, astronomy, genealogy, gynaecology and definitely gerontology!!   Aside from that from that I think all other brain food should be fine. Only kidding....

The Party Theme

The party theme is "Black and/or White with a splash of Purple". This, it was felt, is a suitably bureaucratically titled theme for a party based in Canberra. I would suggest a black shoe, a white shoe (and opposites for socks), black shirt/blouse, white skirt/trousers and purple knickers/jocks/bra *grin*....

or...  black trousers, shirt and shoes, white socks and a purple head-band



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