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Welcome to Rozzy's CyberPlace. These few WWW pages are dedicated to "our Roslyn" (she can have herself back when we are finished with her - *grin*) and are inspired by her hm hmmth birthday which will fall in this auspicious year, 1999.

If you have a story, photograph or some other information which you think would be nice to add just e-mail it to the webmeister.

Presented here in are a few pages, including: Rozzy's life history (the abridged version), birthday facts, birthday party theme info, links to WWW pages which Rozzy might like and of course a number of cute, embarrassing and other wise carefully chosen photographs.

All the photographs have been scaled to fit the particular layout of the page and full size versions of the pictures are displayed if you 'click' on them.

The philosophy is fun; so browse 'round and have a giggle.

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at Lorna and Johns,
"Highland Games",
Bingi, 1998

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