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From the primordial soup..

In the beginning there was God and he was happy being a hermit.

From the primordial soup there appeared critters.

After a couple of billion years the critters stood up, starting walking about on two legs, and grunting.

Given another few tens of thousands of years they started talking. One afternoon somebody looked up at the sun and said “Let’s call that ‘God’”. Everybody nodded in furious agreement.

Much later on, having convened a committee, they decided that this was all way too simple. So to be more clever, and to add some sophisticated philosophical complication, they decided to invent an imaginary being (friend). And they called this imaginary friend ‘God’.

This was quite inconvenient for the real God as he was now ascribed omnipotent powers and expected to answer his emails. The sun was also quite pissed off - having had her nickname pinched and seemingly being demoted.

In time, and after further deliberations by numerous committees and sub-committees, they decided that things were still too simple. So instead of just calling him ‘God’ they starting trying to get him to answer to all sorts of other, different, aliases like Allah, Shiva, Buddha, and so forth..

To support this stance they employed numerous clever authors who wrote novels for each of these aliases. You know the kind of thing: the Bible, the Pali Scripts, the Koran, and so on..

Having accidentally invented religions it was all pretty much downhill from there..

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Online ramblings, both current and historic, by just another human bean