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Super Statistics Updates 2022

⊰ 2022-09-22 by ShaunO ⊱

This update article from The New Daily is helpful to bring super earnings figures up to date.

But I've been looking for better super statistics for a while, meaning numbers with a reasonable level of granularity. Why? Because to assess whether the policy rhetoric = policy reality you need some facts.

This is what the media never seems to give you, they routinely omit providing any 'big picture' or contextual facts which allow you to judge a situation for yourself. Instead they give you 'cherry picked' facts which support whatever assertion they are choosing to make.

So these numbers from 2019 (ASFA report) are pretty good.

I've also created an estimated set for June 2022 by doing a 120% uplift 'across the board' to represent earnings + contributions for 2019-2022..

These figures are useful for getting an idea of statistical balances within age groups.

The other thing they clearly demonstrate is that averages, when it comes to super balances, are almost useless (because the distributions are significantly skewed as you'd expect, and when that is the case averages are never very useful).

The median figures (roughly the centre of the sample) are probably more useful in this case.

Super returns slipped in August but are up since July


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